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Friday, 15 June 2012

Save The Planet One Toothbrush At A Time!!!

Here is an issue that I feel is important. Did you know that the WORLD produces 200 Billion pounds of plastic/year!!!! Of that 50 million pounds of toothbrushes are tossed into the landfills of America alone. THAT'S JUST AMERICA!!!!!!!!
Someone who lives to be 80 and changes their toothbrush 4 times a year can go through over 300 toothbrushes. Why don't... toothbrushes carry an environmental footprint like cars or televisions??? $5billion/year is spent globally on toothbrushes!!

So how can we help our planet...by recycling our toothbrushes. Instead of throwing them away so soon look at some of the brilliant ways we can use them.

1. It's great for cleaning cracks and crevices. Corners, grout in tiles, around faucets, or the drain in sinks.

2. Keep a few toothbrushes for the laundry, they are great for removing stains. Keep one for your coloured clothes, whites and delicates.

3. Ever think of using your toothbrush for cleaning jewelry or ornaments? Not a bad idea.

4. How about for cleaning your disposable razors....

5. Or you bike chains?

6. Keep a few in the kitchen as well. They are good for cleaning the graters(cheese, onion, etc.)

7. Have you looked at your cutting knives recently. Well toothbrushes are fantastic for cleaning the joint between the metal and the handle where food hides.

8. And sinced you asked, a manual toothbrush is more environmentally friendly than an electric one. If you really have to get an electric one than get one with a changeable head.

My three favourite environmentally friendly toothbrushes are The Radius, The Environmental Toothbrush(made from 100% bamboo) and the Preserve.

Should I talk about FLOSS? Yes I should. The amount of floss sold in the USA could "span the distance from the earth to the moon 4 times" Did I say the was JUST in the USA. Floss is made of silk or nylon which have their own eco concerns. Use a floss coated
with-here comes a big word- polytetrafluoroethylene. That's just the same coating that you use in non-stick cookware.

Whew!! I think that's enough for now. But there will be a quiz later.

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