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Sunday, 1 July 2012

             The Amalgam Controversy


Check this site out if you are concerned about dental amalgam and its effect on the body and the environment.


  1. Hey Camille,
    So what would be the recommendation if one still has amalgam fillings but there are MODs hence removing them might require a crown as there is not enough tooth surface left. The amalgams however are intact.

    A predictament that I have.

    1. OMG. SORRY for the really ancient reply!!!!!!!! Thanks for your question, though. If removing an MOD amalgam will compromise the tooth then you really have the following options (Especially if removing for medical concerns): 1. Play Dental Heroics and replace anyway with composite and then crown the tooth (Understand that this is a chance you will be taking if you say there's not enough tooth structure, ok): 2. Extract the tooth because you just don't want that poisonous mercury and replace with bridge,implant or, (yes, i'm going to say it), denture. Ouch! ;3. (Can't believe I'm saying this), but leave MOD amalgam and just place a crown over it. Zirconia crown may be preferable as it has no metal. I think there is no price to your health and option 1 would me my initial choice if finance is not an option(alright i'll get back to the real world). FYI, though, all MOD's don't necessary mean they can't be removed and replaced, so check with your dentist. I have replaced several MOD's successfully. Good luck and keep in touch. Let me know your decision. The dinosaur responses will not happen again!

  2. You are boosting it every time you smile and it helps to improve your immune system.

  3. Hello Sean. you must think I don't move in real time because of my late response. Please accept my appologies! Are you saying that amalgams(mercury) helps to improve your immune system?

  4. Sorry Sean, you must think that I don't move in real time because of my late response. Please accept my appologies! Are you saying that amalgam(mercury) helps your immune system?